The recent ransomware attack has had cybersecurity centers across the globe on high alert. Specifically, the UK described the attack as a “global coordinated ransomware attack” in dozens of countries against public and private sector organizations. WannaCrypt is reason enough to make sure that your PCs and other devices are properly patched and updated regularly. At ICC, we recommend that if you are a residential user, leaving your automatic updates enabled will not harm your computer or your content. However, if you are corporate user, we highly suggest leaving automatic updates turned off and hiring a professional IT services firm like ICC to proactively manage your updates and patchwork.

As a business, the most effective way to defend against malware attacks is to understand and monitor your patch management system. Disabling automatic updates has implications that many aren’t aware of and doing so can make you susceptible to ransomware attacks like the one on May 12. Windows 10 has released tools that allow you to determine when and how updates are performed, so that your time can be efficiently and productively spent. Our team will oversee and lead the major software updates to ensure that your business remains in control.

Changes to the appearance of interfaces or systems is another reason that people tend to disable the automatic updates. Our experts at ICC can help ease the update process by guiding you through appearance updates and also train your staff on potential system changes.

People argue that if the software isn’t broken, then why fix it? As an individual user, this may be something that you are willing to put at stake, but not updating your business’s software only jeopardizes your private, company information. Your business is moving way too fast for risks like this that aren’t worth taking. ICC can guarantee the security of your content before, during and after software updates take place. We analyze each software update before recommending them to our clients and can work with you on patch management or recovery.

The safety of your business’s devices and content is not worth a roll of the dice. The ICC team can work with you to implement an automatic software update schedule that works best for you.

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