Security and issues related to breaches of content are a hot topic in the IT world right now. Whether it is virtual scams or ransomware attacks, having successful patch management techniques implemented and updates on firewalls installed, keeps your network and technology secure, helping you avoid a technology nightmare. Our ICC professionals are trained to be a step ahead of security issues to prevent them before they happen.

Virtual Scams

A recent scam involved sending an email that contained a link to a Google Doc, which was not a real Google Doc, but instead a harmful virus. Even if the message appears to be from someone you know, do not click or open the link if you have been the recipient of an email like this. Google did not get hacked, but someone with your email address in their contact list probably was. Unfortunately, this type of digital scamming is often easy to get trapped in. Emails that contain malicious links often target unsuspecting people, like contacts in an address book.

Always contact ICC with questions regarding questionable emails or activity happening within your network that looks unfamiliar.

Ransomware Attacks

The massive ransomware attack has taken down many organizations, including hospitals and corporate businesses around the world. Microsoft released a fix to the exploited bug a little over a month ago, but here are a few tips to help protect your business.

  • Make sure your critical security patches are strong and up to date.
  • Assist your teams with additional IT support and consultation to test and accurately deploy patches as soon as possible. If patches fail, spend time investing in resolutions to the issue.
  • Prioritize your security patches for operating systems, browsers, Flash, Java, PDF readers, and Microsoft Office. These applications are the easiest for ransomware attacks to target. Strong support for these programs will be your first line of defense.
  • ICC will test all patches in test environments that will be applicable to your network to ensure safety and security. We will also be ready with action plans in case problems occur during the patching process.
  • Microsoft does a decent job of clearly stating when they no longer produce patches for old operating systems. Make sure your system notifications or IT team lets you know when operating systems need updating.

Layered cyber-security defenses will help in reducing your organization’s vulnerability to attacks. A layered mitigation approach is referred to as defense-in-depth. There are no set of defense techniques that will completely divert attacks, but having a trusted IT team is one of the first steps to ensuring the security of your network.

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