Check out these features added in recent Windows 10 updates, including new features from the April 2018 Update. They’ll help you get things done on your PC and across your other devices.

Return to past activities in your timeline

Resuming past activities from your timeline

In the April 2018 Update, continue your recent PC or phone activities instantly from your timeline. Select Task View on the taskbar, or press Windows logo key  + Tab, then select an activity to get started. Scroll down to look for past activities, or search to find a particular activity.

Share a picture with a nearby device

Sharing a picture with a nearby device

In the April 2018 Update, open Photos  and select the picture you want to share. Select Share , then select another PC you want to share it to. On the other PC, select Save & Open when the notification appears.

Bring the Microsoft experience to your phone

Bring a Microsoft experience to your Android phone with the Microsoft Launcher app

Get beautiful Bing wallpapers that refresh daily, sync your Office docs and calendar, and more with the Microsoft Launcher app. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android phone, type “Microsoft Launcher” in the search box, and then install it.

Switch seamlessly from your phone to PC

Using Continue on your PC from your phone

Start browsing the web, writing emails, and using apps on your Android or iPhone, then continue on your PC, instantly. To link your phone, on your PC select the Start  button, and then select Settings  > Phone  > Add a phone .

Add emoji from your keyboard

Emoji panel open in Outlook

Express yourself with emoji wherever you want, including conversations, docs, and even web searches. Press Windows logo key  + period (.) to open the emoji panel in a text entry field, then select an emoji.

Talk instead of type

Talk to dictate with the dictation panel

Talk to write an email or message instead of typing it. Select touch keyboard  on the taskbar, select microphone  or press Windows logo key   + H, and then talk to dictate.


This feature is available in US English only.

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