Technology is everchanging, and as businesses continue to evolve and adapt in the world, they must keep up. From the cloud to updated software and new applications, updating your technology is essential. If you do not update your technology, there are many risks that can affect your business such as security, system downtime, higher support costs, and trailing behind the competition.


The most important risk factor for outdated technology is security. With the capabilities of the internet, and technology today, security is a number one priority in keeping your business safe. With new online scams popping up every day, outdated software and security tools can compromise your business operations. A proper assessment will ensure your systems are safe.

Crashes and system downtime

Nowadays, business takes place 24/7, 365 days a year. Computers and operating systems are important to your daily business and must always be working efficiently and effectively. If your security or software applications are not updated, you may experience crashes and system downtime. Software updates become outdated and may not be readily available if your system unexpectedly comes to a halt. That is why it is important to stay on top of security patches.

Higher support costs

A risk of using outdated technology is the cost you can incur maintaining and repairing it. Older technology is less energy-efficient than today’s technology and uses more power. It also takes more time to keep older systems up and running. In addition, updates may not be readily available with an older system. Although new technology may be more costly upfront, the cost will balance itself out with less need for maintenance and repair as time goes on.

Sets you behind your competition

Older technology may not produce results as quickly, leaving your business operating slower and not functioning at its full capacity. Time is money, and an updated system will help produce work faster and keep you in line with your competition. If your competitors continue to advance their technology and you trail behind, your business will be left trying to catch up.

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