Many businesses think they are too small to be affected by a cybersecurity attack. The reality is 58% of such attacks are directed at small businesses, and of these, 60% go out of business within 6 months from financial losses resulting from theft of banking information or disruption in their business.

Small businesses are an appealing target for cyber criminals because they don’t usually have the security in place that a lot of larger companies do. Many don’t have the proper cyber protection in place because they either feel they don’t need it, are using outdated cybersecurity strategies or they don’t want to make the investment. But isn’t your business worth protecting?

With many company employees working remotely these days, it’s more important than ever to think about cybersecurity. When more employees are using devices like laptops and iPads there’s a greater risk, and there’s a false sense of security working from home.  An email may look like it’s coming from a legitimate source, but it could very well be a phishing scam and lead to serious malware/ransomware on your device.

Performing a cybersecurity risk assessment is the first step in developing an updated strategy.  This allows vulnerabilities to be identified and discussed in order to develop a strong plan moving forward. Educating employees on what constitutes a dangerous e-mail and reminding them not to share passwords always helps. Installing security software and keeping software up to date can be effective in preventing a cyberattack. It’s also important to regularly back up files. If a cyberattack should happen and your data is compromised, files can be restored from backup files.

With small businesses being a prime target to attackers, having a sound cybersecurity plan in place is critical. ICC can perform a cyber security risk assessment that shows your risk levels and recommend ways to drastically lower your exposure.

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