Backing up your digital files is super important to keep a copy of your company’s important and private information. If suddenly your computer or network goes down and files are lost, it is key to have that information backed up in some form or another. The two main options for backup storage are off-site or on-site backups.

Offsite backups are a secondary location that houses your company’s data. The benefits of off-site storage include the ability to access the information from any location via the internet or FTP. It is a safer place to house the data in case an event occurs at your business’ location. Offsite backups can also be accessed by many other remote locations. On the other hand, the risk of offsite storage includes the servers being down for maintenance at a time when you may need to access the files. This may be unfortunate if you need immediate access to files; however, most clients are notified in advance that access may be limited so they are able to plan better.

Onsite backups are physically located at your place of business. This includes saving information to external hard drives, DVDs, and CDs. The benefits to on-site backups are that the files are readily available, it is a more cost-effective option and no internet is needed to access them. However, on-site backups could be lost if a catastrophic event were to occur such as a fire, flood, or robbery.

When choosing a backup system, it is up to you and your business if an offsite or onsite backup is the better option for you. Depending on budget or if you have remote employees, one option may make more sense for your company than the other. Either way, backing up your system is a must for any and all businesses. If you have any questions on the system that is right for you, contact Integrated Computer Consulting or ICC today! 970.419.0602