With every technological update comes a mile-long list of questions. The recent Office 2016 for Mac craze is no exception. We have all the necessary details about this development to save you time and energy in the future.

Office 2016 for Mac - What You Need to Know - Iccusa.net

What is Office 2016 for Mac?
Office 2016 for Mac includes programs that Windows users have enjoyed for years but are now specially designed for Mac users. The programs have more features and updates that provide a broader range of capabilities.

What programs does it include?
Office 2016 for Mac boasts a variety of programs that will now be user friendly for Macs, including Word for Mac, Excel for Mac, PowerPoint for Mac, Outlook for Mac and OneNote for Mac.

What new features does each program have?
Word for Mac – Design feature allows for the creation of a broader range of projects with more visual appeal.

Excel for Mac – Processing data is quicker and easier with the enhanced formula builder.

PowerPoint for Mac – The new Presenter View allows the user to have complete control over presentation elements without the audience seeing anything but the presentation.

Outlook for Mac – The program categorizes and displays email in an organized fashion for optimal task management.

OneNote for Mac – OneNote for Mac is completely new to the Office for Mac programs. Users can create, file, track and organize notes, as well as insert visual elements.

Who can access Office 2016 for Mac?
Office 2016 for Mac became available for Office 365 subscribers in July 2015. Starting in early August, business without an Office 365 subscription can download Office 2016 for Mac from their Volume Licensing Service Center. Consumers without a subscription can purchase Office 2016 for Mac in late September. More details can be found at http://www.office.com.

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