Moving offices is no small task. With furniture, desks, files, and more it can be hard to stay organized and make sure everything moves to the new location smoothly. However, an important part of the move is your IT office move logistics. Phones, computers, internet access and more are all important to have up and running as soon as possible to not interfere with daily operations. That’s where ICC can help!

ICC can help make your business’ move painless and worry-free. By following these steps when switching over your IT, your business should be up and running in no time.

  1. Check out your new office or work with contractors to make sure there are enough power outlets, data jacks for the I.T. Infrastructure.
  2. ICC will work with your internet service provider to make sure they are aware of the timing of your move.
  3. Take an inventory of your current IT equipment and assess if you will need when moving to your new office. Also, if you were considering an upgrade in IT services and equipment, now is the best time to start new.
  4. Make sure to back up your files before moving offices to ensure that information does not get lost.
  5. ICC can assist with packing up your workstations and unpacking to make sure the equipment gets to its new office safely and is all in one place.
  6. Once on-site, ICC’s IT support team will test your phones, cables, networks, firewalls, and security to make sure everything is running safely and smoothly.

ICC offers a full range of IT support and consultation services in the northern Colorado and Wyoming area. Contact us for IT support services today at 970-419-0602.