With the current state of the world, many employees are being encouraged to work remotely. Working remotely allows the flexibility of location whether it is in your own home or at a local coffee shop. You can access company files, video chat with co-workers, and have the freedom to work when and where you want. On the flip side, working remotely can pose some risks to your company’s private information.

It’s important to follow this checklist when working from home to help keep your company’s important information and data safe:

I.T. Checklist

  • Enable local encryption
  • Make sure admin accounts are confirmed with strong passwords
  • Limit external sharing of Cloud applications (OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.)
  • Enable MDM for remote wipe capabilities
  • Review and enable remote endpoint security tools that can be centrally reviewed and monitored (RMM, SentinelOne, NovaSOC, etc)
  • Provide ability to securely exchange files and information externally and internally (i.e. OneDrive, DLP, email encryption, etc)
  • Enable Multifactor Authentication for remote connectivity. Make sure authentication expires after 4-8 hours of use
  • Review incident response procedure with all relevant parties

Employee Checklist

  • Secure workspace
    • Ability to lock laptop and any business relevant information when not in use
    • Safely perform conversations without visitors eavesdropping or shoulder surfing
  • Wireless Security
    • Change default Wi-Fi Router passwords
    • Enable WPA-2 or higher encryption; Strong WEP password
    • Ensure your local router firmware is updated
  • Personal Device Security
    • Update IOT Device firmware (Smart Thermostats, etc).
    • Ensure default passwords are changed
    • Update software on all devices within your home network (Corporate laptop, IOT devices, personal laptops/tablets, etc)
    • Review corporate policies and procedures

Security Awareness

  • Corporate vs personal
    • Do not share your corporate laptop for use with family or friends
  • Limit social media use
    • Don’t reveal business itineraries, corporate info, daily routines, etc.

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