If your ability to function as a business depends on your I.T. infrastructure, it is essential to conduct regular reviews of your cybersecurity strategy and risks. A Cyber Security Risk Assessment is a comprehensive look at your I.T. infrastructure, identification of vulnerabilities, along with strategic planning of future I.T. needs. If you currently work with an I.T. service provider, don’t automatically assume that they are doing this. Check in with them to make sure.

Generally, a Cyber Security Risk Assessment looks at all of a company’s cybersecurity focuses on things like open ports on a firewall, missing software patches, weak passwords, and email security. Once a review is complete, your I.T. provider should furnish a report that provides an overall risk score, outlines what was reviewed, any discovered concerns and how those concerns should be addressed. ICC, for instance, provides their customers a comprehensive report with recommendations that align with best security practices.

How often your company conducts a Cyber Security Risk Assessments may depend on the type of business. ICC typically runs reviews every quarter. It is important to remember that security threats are constantly evolving and you need regular reviews to understand where you need to invest in order to protect your business.

ICC offers regular cyber reviews of your business in order to provide peace of mind knowing you will be prepared on how to react to a cybersecurity event.

For more information on ICC’s Cyber reviews check out our latest video here. To start putting an I.T. review plan in place for your business, or to see an I.T. review report sample, give us a call at 970-419-0602.