We typically focus our blog on Internet security and IT support tricks, but this time we are switching things up. ICC is made up of hardworking, intelligent individuals, and we’d like to introduce you to a valuable member of the team: Jim Otepka.

Jim and daughter Mary (3 mo.)

Jim and daughter Mary (3 mo.)

Jim has been with ICC for one truly great year and spends his work days assisting customers with their managed cloud services (hosted email, antivirus, SPAM filtering, Office, etc.). Whether he is helping people move their email to the cloud or offering instruction on how to make the most out of their antivirus or spam filtering cloud services, Jim is your go-to guy on anything cloud related. A multi-talented guy, you can also find him working on a wide variety of help desk tickets.

Here are just a few other fun tidbits about Jim so you can get to know the man behind the screen:


“Omaha is my Homaha!”

Away from the office, Jim enjoys:

  • “Wrangling our small children”
  • Enjoying local breweries and downtown events
  • Trying out his chef skills on recipes from Cooks Illustrated
  • Gardening and stargazing…not necessarily at the same time


“Gates is our one-year old rescue. They said he’d be Lab and Rottweiler; he is neither but we love our fur-child all the same…even when he chews off a Barbie doll’s arms and legs.”

Scattered on top of his desk, you would find:

  • Candy wrappers
  • Glass of water
  • Manageable assortment of papers
  • Photos of his family
  • A bent paper clip (never know when it will come in handy!)
  • And of course… his laptop!

Denim Party!

Little known facts about Jim:

  • He left a legacy in Milwaukee! Jim was the founding Dean of Students and IT Director at a couple charter schools in urban Wisconsin.
  • Perhaps less monumental but equally impressive, he was one of those kids who used to gross people out by flipping his eyelids inside out.

When it comes to Windows or Mac, his loyalty lies with:

Both! Jim doesn’t discriminate – he uses both Windows and Mac at home.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know one of the cogs that make our machine run. If you’d like to know more about Jim, feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.