iOS 11 has been heavily criticized by the security community and there seems to be evidence to back up these concerns. Whenever new and shiny features are rolled out, they often come at the joy of the consumer base while security experts immediately dive into the cracks in the armor.

One of the newest features offered by iOS11 is the ability to toggle Wifi from the Control Center. For those not familiar with this terminology, the Control Center is the menu that is dragged up from the bottom of your home screen with a finger stroke. On this menu, users can control a variety of different aspects of their iPhone. Mobile phones are especially vulnerable to Wifi attacks, which is why it is a good idea to be proactively cautious. Many users will assume that toggling their Wifi off from the Control Center will provide a protective shell from Wifi attacks, which is understandable as iOS11 certainly makes it seem that way. However, this is has proven to be misleading.

Toggling the Wifi off does indeed cut off connections, however this is only temporary. The wrinkle in the design happens when a user approaches a new Wifi-enabled location. As soon as the user’s phone pickups a new Wifi location, the auto-join feature is automatically activated. This is important to note for user’s that believe their toggle action has effectively cut off all wireless internet connections.

While this flaw is not an enormous deal, it could still spell trouble for some iOS users. With this in mind, if you are in a situation where you need to ensure that all wireless internet connections are cut off, your best bet is to navigate to your settings and disable your connection from there.