Top Laptops of 2017

We all know how quickly the IT and technology world changes. New innovations mean new devices and at ICC, we really are your full-service IT company. Whether you need technical support, new infrastructure or technology recommendations, we’re here to help.

Buying new equipment can be a daunting process and we want to guide you through the decision. An investment in technology is an investment in your business and should be worth your energy. Here’s a peak into some laptops that have stood out in 2017.

Best Overall Ultrabook: HP Spectre 13.3

The ultrabook is quickly becoming a dominant force in the laptop industry. Their lightweight body, tough exteriors and cloud integration capabilities are evening the laptop playing field and allow your business to be efficient while on the job. They still have their weaknesses, but our experts can help find the ultrabook device that will work best for your needs.

HP’s newest version of the Spectre is equipped with a 15-watt i7 processor. Adding in their two Thunderbolt 3 ports and USB-C port, its easy to see why the HP Specre 13.3 has earned top reviews. Their capabilities are endless and their design is sleek.

Best Overall MacBook: Apple MacBook 12 inch

This year’s version of Apple’s MacBook takes sleek, brushed metal design to another level. Fitted with a 12-inch screen, the resolution is ultimately unchanged. However, boasting a 1.2 GHz Intel Core m3-7Y32 CPI and 256GB SSD, the Macbook offers performance that rivals that of its highest competitors. This year’s version has also compounded on the keyboard structure of last year’s, offering users a better overall  experience when using the device. We typically recommend that your business operate on PC devices due to security, mobility and compatibility reasons. The programs that are HIPAA compliant are more often than not built for PC devices and infrastructure. If your company is insistent on using an Apple product, let our experts guide you through which products will work best for your needs.




Best Overall 2-in-1 Laptop: Asus Zenbook Flip UX360

In today’s laptop landscape, it is impossible to create a list of the best laptops of the year without inevitably listing a convertible laptop. Long gone are the days when these 2-in-1 machines were perceived as  low-power gimmicks. Now, there is a substantial demand and an increase in use capabilities for these machines,  and the Asus Zenbook Flip UX360 delivers on many  fronts.

Compared to their performance, their price points are absolutely affordable. We’ve seen them used in industries across the board like dental offices, medical facilities, executive meetings and daily use. The 8GB DDR3L RAM and 13.3 inch, 1920×1080 screen propels this device past its predecessors and into the top class. Combine that with 512 GB SSD storage and it quickly becomes evident why this machine has stood out in the current 2-in-1 market.

These three devices are just a few of many on the market that can perform and operate in a way that makes sense for you. Like we mentioned, having a device that works best for your business is crucial to your overall success and we are here to guide you. We can offer you expert advice on your next laptop, phone system, email network and more so that your IT is made easy with ICC.

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