Telecommunications is a difficult, complex and ever changing field that requires professional attention.

Should you purchase a new phone system or implement VoIP? ICC can assist you with important decisions between phone systems and VoIP to meet your business’ individual needs.

  • Phone System Design and Installation- Guidance through the complicated phone system decision process when determining brand, traditional or IP, and whether an on premise vs. hosted system will be most beneficial to your company.
  • Phone System Support- Periodic maintenance, firmware updates, security, patches, enhancements on phone systems. ICC can remotely track systems, warranties, and software assurance renewals.
  • Circuit Connectivity- Determining the right telecom provider for optimal business performance. Our experts pre-qualify your location and then help manage the process through to completion of installation and implementation.
  • Unified Communications, Presence, Call Record- Voicemail to e-mail feature configuration to maximize efficiencies. Presence allows you to view who is on the phone through your desktop and with the click of a button on your screen, call them directly. Proper components and licensing are needed to implement unified communication systems.
  • Smartphone Apps- Assistance with mobile applications installation on Smartphone devices so that you can carry your business with you anywhere.
  • Automated Attendant- Configuration of an automated attendant message when customers and clients call to make sure that routings, greetings, and schedules are designed properly.
  • Remote Extensions- Engineering of remote users and direct dialing for the ability to have an extension at a user’s residence that can be dialed directly from a main office or vice versa.

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