IT is a critical and integral part of your organization.

We want to be your trusted business partner that provides full functioning IT services to your business. Showing up prepared to serve you is our professional guarantee.

Our small group of hand-picked technicians and support staff are here to assist you in building an IT infrastructure that adapts to your current business models, practices, and procedures.

IT Support and Consulting services include:

  • IT Audits & Assessments– A comprehensive review of current IT solutions and suggestions for improvement to confirm systems are secure and performing to your needs.
  • Design and Implementation– We will work with your team on the results you want to achieve and design a solution and roadmap for implementation.
  • Licensing Compliance– We will verify that your business is in compliance with major manufacturer’s licensing requirements to prevent large fines.
  • Vendor Management– ICC will work directly with any vendors or third parties to achieve your required results.
  • CIO– We can act as your Chief Information Officer to help make strategic decisions as your business grows.
  • Business Relocation – Assess what should be done prior to the move, what the time-frame for moving IT equipment looks like, and which equipment requires professional assistance to move. Moving your business doesn’t have to be a stressful, chaotic endeavor.

How Can We Help You and Your Business?

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