Your network is only as good as the hardware you are running on. Information technology is a dynamically changing, complex world and it is important to keep your hardware up-to-date, managed, patched, and maintained. Smooth running equipment and networks are a key component to a successful business.

ICC experts can help you install, implement, manage, and maintain your IT related equipment, taking one more thing off your plate.


ICC can be the technical liaison to help communicate with any 3rd party software vendors that you currently or want to work with. We are your trusted, technical consultants to recommend the right software to suit your personal and business needs. Let our experts help implement your software programs.

Highly-trained, experienced professionals to maintain software and data storage are critical in today’s business world. Data integrity is industry critical. Technological assets are some of your largest investments and we take into consideration your needs for reliable products from leading distributors.

Hardware & Software examples:

  • PCs/Laptops/Tablets- Provide recommendations on the minimum specifications for your systems (processor, RAM, hard drives) to ensure you receive the best value for your purchase.
  • Servers- Assessing your needs is critical when purchasing a server. We work with our trusted vendors to help avoid purchasing too little or too much of a server.
  • Networking Equipment- All network equipment is not created equal. Get the most out of your network by working with our experts to help construct a solid network foundation.
  • Printers- Assistance in researching equipment with the features to best meet your business needs.
  • Phone Systems- Evaluation of features and ROI of phone systems and hosted solutions.
  • Office Software- Sorting through the thousands of software applications applicable to the specific industry and guidance on software solutions that best fit the industry and company requirements.
  • Cell Phones- Security, tracking, usage, monitoring, and access on mobile devices. The security and mobility of a Smartphone can help protect your business.
  • Conference Rooms- Design and implementation of office areas to help create multi-functioning spaces that produce solutions.

Five advantages of purchasing your hardware and software from ICC:

  • Extended Access
  • Exclusive Support
  • White Glove Setup
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Order Management
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