Solid IT infrastructure starts with the right foundation.

At ICC, we have the expertise to provide a worry-free network.

  • Data and voice cabling – Installation of infrastructure to make sure connections operate at maximum efficiency. We can help make sure you are installing the correct cabling and that the termination of the cabling is done correctly.
  • Rack/cabinet installation – Recommend proper placement of equipment to address power and HVAC concerns.
  • Switch configuration and installation – Accurately configure the central network device for all networked systems and setup port management. Guidance in making smart switches, VLAN’s and port management decisions.
  • Firewall configuration and installation – Ensure perimeter devices installed behind Internet connections are configured to provide the needed access while also providing security. Setup filtering and bandwidth management.
  • Network design and engineering – Assessing current equipment and determining how, and if, it fits in with your longer-term goals. Deciding which IT equipment would increase performance and help meet reliability goals.
  • Security – Securing your wireless and network ports, server and data rooms, and physical access to your business.
  • ISP/Vendor Connections – Provide recommendations for phone and internet providers that best fit your needs.

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