Frequently Asked Questions

We take care of the details for you. We document your environment and we follow documented processes that work. We will go the extra mile and will not leave you hanging

We always strive to exceed expectations by working to provide an immediate response on most issues. We do NOT have an automated attendant as a first line of response. A live person will answer the phone during working hours and can either get a ticket started or get you routed to a technician who can help. Emergencies will be responded to right away, whether onsite or remotely. For non-emergency situations, we usually respond within a couple of hours. We have an after-hours emergency number where you can leave a message and a technician will be paged. There will NEVER be a time where you will not get a response for several days.

We look objectively at new technology solutions for their potential benefits to our customers. We approach these solutions with caution to make sure they have a proven track record and will provide real value rather than just disrupting a customer’s productivity.

Anytime you are moving from one IT company to another, the transition process is critical. Your new IT company should be able to explain their philosophy and should have a defined process that they are happy to share with you. We understand there are a lot of moving pieces in the transition. Our goal is to minimize disruption to your business. Transitions require careful planning and good communication. At ICC, we carefully follow a detailed migration plan with thoughtful communication throughout the entire process.

We maintain a variety of technicians who have varying experiences and skills. We look for team members who can multitask, troubleshoot, think quickly and critically and listen to you. We work to provide you a balance between a dedicated technician and multiple technicians who understand your environment.

We understand personalities sometime clash. Our goal is to make sure you have peace of mind with your IT systems.. Our customer experience team will work with you to address your concerns.