Frequently Asked Questions

We take care of the details for you. We document your environment and we follow documented processes that work. We will go the extra mile and will not leave you hanging

We always strive to exceed expectations by working to provide an immediate response on most issues. We do NOT have an automated attendant as a first line of response. A live person will answer the phone during working hours and can either get a ticket started or get you routed to a technician who can help. Emergencies will be responded to right away, whether onsite or remotely. For non-emergency situations, we usually respond within a couple of hours. We have an after-hours emergency number where you can leave a message and a technician will be paged. There will NEVER be a time where you will not get a response for several days.

We look objectively at new technology solutions for their potential benefits to our customers. We approach these solutions with caution to make sure they have a proven track record and will provide real value rather than just disrupting a customer’s productivity.

Anytime you are moving from one IT company to another, the transition process is critical. Your new IT company should be able to explain their philosophy and should have a defined process that they are happy to share with you. We understand there are a lot of moving pieces in the transition. Our goal is to minimize disruption to your business. Transitions require careful planning and good communication. At ICC, we carefully follow a detailed migration plan with thoughtful communication throughout the entire process.

We maintain a variety of technicians who have varying experiences and skills. We look for team members who can multitask, troubleshoot, think quickly and critically and listen to you. We work to provide you a balance between a dedicated technician and multiple technicians who understand your environment.

We understand personalities sometime clash. Our goal is to make sure you have peace of mind with your IT systems.. Our customer experience team will work with you to address your concerns.

Any IT company should be taking the lead in working with vendors so there isn’t finger pointing. Many of our customers prefer that we take the lead when it comes to working with vendors; we are happy to do so to get an issue resolved. Often times we can help facilitate a quick resolution without asking you to be a middleman.

Four key systems are critical for your environment. A firewall is necessary to protect your overall network. Managed antivirus and patch management have become very important to protect end user devices and servers. It is important for your IT company to not only install these updates, but also to remediate any problems and regularly report on the status. The final system is a redundant and reliable backup solution. The backup solution should be well documented and tested regularly.

We understand that price is a critical component in any business partnership and most customers are looking for good value. With this being said, ICC provides quality work at a competitive price.

We find it makes sense to pay hourly when a business is in a transitional period i.e. merging or downsizing, project based work, backup for an existing internal resource or to test our capability. The majority of our customers find that contracts make sense since it aligns business goals. The better your IT systems work for you, the better it is for both parties.

Our contracts are typically a one year term and include a 30 day cancellation policy. They include documenting system information, patch management (updates), systems monitoring and reporting, backup management, asset management and a specific number of break/fix hours.

There are several factors that influence price: the scope of work and the type of contract. For fairly simple environments, it is common to pay a per device fee. For PC’s and laptops this fee usually ranges between $30 and $60 per month. For servers, this fee usually ranges between $125 and $275 per month. For more complex environments, variables in the environment are many times weighted, for example, a company subject to HIPAA, with industry specific machines and after hours support requirements would pay a blended fee to support their environment.

A Few of Our Satisfied Clients

“We have worked with ICC for many years. They handle all our IT and telephone needs here at the firm. ICC has always given us great service and John and Kirk respond very quickly when we need their help. We are paperless and our IT systems are critical to our success. We really appreciate ICC’s efforts in supporting Soukup, Bush & Associates, P.C.”
Scott Bush, Soukup Bush & Associates
“We have worked with ICC for many years and we truly feel that ICC is a part of our team. Over the past 15 years, Mantooth has grown immensely and so have the services that we require from ICC. We are thankful each day for their immediate assistance, understanding of our business and the many services they provide that make us more productive for our clients. ICC’s SharePoint and Lync services have proved invaluable to use throughout our growth stages and with our developing needs as a business serving a number of clients.”
Connie Hanrahan, Mantooth Marketing Company
“ICC has been a wonderful asset and partner to our organization. Their professional and competent staff always addresses our issues timely. The services ICC provided when we moved our server room were top notch. The quote and options we received were exceptional and ICC was there to recommend and walk us through every step of the way. The final result was no down time and network services were virtually un-interrupted. PIT recommends ICC for any IT needs; no matter the size of the need ICC will handle with the upmost profession and urgency required.”
Regina Kristan, Precision Ion Technologies