If you or one of your employees opens the wrong email or clicks on the wrong link, it has the potential to be catastrophic to your business. Unfortunately, phishing has become harder and harder to detect. Phishing is an attempt by cyber-criminals to obtain sensitive information by disguising themselves as a trusted source through an email or text.  It only takes one click of the mouse on the wrong email link or file to give a hacker the access they need to bring down an entire network or enable a virus.

ICC can help to properly educate your employees on what to look for to prevent anything like that from happening. ICC’s Phishing Tests are an effective training tool that helps employees know how to identify malicious emails before they click on anything. The fake tests provide hypothetical real-life situations so employees can become vigilant towards such attempts.

Here also are a few tips employees can use to detect hazardous communication:

  • Check Sender’s Email Address: Does the sender’s email address match the company name? If not, do not proceed to click on anything in that piece of communication.
  • Investigate Before Clicking: Hover the mouse over a suspicious link to see where the link leads to. If the web address looks to have nothing in common with the email, best not to click it.
  • Be Suspicious of Urgent Requests: Bank or credit card companies may ask for immediate action in some situations, but most of the time, be wary of requests for personal information in a quick timeframe.

Employees are a major contributor in your overall cybersecurity strategy. If they do not know how to identify possible attacks, they may click on the wrong link which may result in a hack or breach. Be sure to enroll in ICC’s Phishing Tests. By arming employees with the knowledge of cybersecurity best practices, your business can significantly reduce its exposure to attacks.

To learn more about our fake phishing tests, check out our latest video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rONaMSSkUVY

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