Disaster recovery is an important topic in the IT world. Companies rely on their IT systems to conduct business. What happens if critical systems go offline due to a hardware failure, a malware infection, an operating system crash or a natural disaster?

One hour of downtime can cost small companies as much as $8,000, midsize companies up to $74,000, and large enterprises up to $700,000. (2015 report from the IT Disaster Recovery Preparedness (CRP) council).

Will you be prepared to handle the situation and continue with daily business transactions?

Are you prepared to handle one of these likely scenarios?

65% of small and medium-size businesses don’t have a disaster recovery in place. 87% of companies that lose access to their corporate data for more than a week go out of business within a year. (Markel direct).

Disaster recovery focuses on all aspects of a business that allows it to keep functioning. That is why it is so important to have a plan in place to avoid downtime and losing money.

Work with your local IT professional such as ICC, to lay out the following steps and to create your own personalized disaster recovery plan. Some of the critical steps include:

  • Starting with an overview and goals of your plan. Identify critical systems to the business.
  • Determine recovery time and recovery point objectives.
  • Document systems and inventory current equipment
  • Document outside vendors and their response plan
  • List actions to be taken once an event occurs
  • Implement a 3-2-1 backup plan
  • Create a client list and plan how you will notify them
  • Document insurance and legal contacts
  • Create a media outreach plan

Talk with ICC today about your business’ personalized disaster recovery plan and consider moving your system to the cloud. Cloud benefits include lower cost, boosting efficiency, and you can access it from anywhere If you have any questions, feel free to chat us at iccusa.net or give us a call at 970.419.060.