Don’t Let Team Members Go ‘Phishing’

Did you know that 92.4% of all malware is delivered via email? Cyber criminals have become incredibly good at “phishing.” Phishing is the act of sending emails disguised to be from familiar companies or people you may know with the goal to get recipients to reveal personal or financial information. Phishing emails are incredibly deceiving. [...]

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Get a Plan in Place for Data Recovery

Data breaches are an unfortunate reality in the business world these days. Even with the best security measures in place, cybercrime can happen. As much effort as you put into trying to prevent it from happening, it’s smart to make the same efforts in preparing for when it happens. That includes understanding how long it [...]

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Steps to Creating an Incident Response Plan

As a small business, it is important to have a plan in place that allows you to act strategically and swiftly when a cybersecurity incident occurs, like data loss or service outage that threatens daily work.  An Incident Response Plan is a written set of instructions to help your staff detect a security breach, know [...]

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