Offsite Backup versus Onsite Backup

Backing up your digital files is super important to keep a copy of your company’s important and private information. If suddenly your computer or network goes down and files are lost, it is key to have that information backed up in some form or another. The two main options for backup storage are off-site or [...]

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Meet Our New Team Member: Patrick O’Brien

We asked Patrick a handful of questions to learn a little bit more about him! In a nutshell, my job entails: Helping businesses run smoothly by providing technical support How long you’ve been with ICC: started on 7/29/2019 Hometown: Loveland, CO In my spare time, you can find me: Mountain or road biking, hiking, camping, rock [...]

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Top Laptops of 2017

Top Laptops of 2017 We all know how quickly the IT and technology world changes. New innovations mean new devices and at ICC, we really are your full-service IT company. Whether you need technical support, new infrastructure or technology recommendations, we’re here to help. Buying new equipment can be a daunting process and we want [...]

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Password Manager Systems: Should they be the Keeper of all your Keys?

Password managers can be extremely effective, but should you use them to keep track of your passwords for everything? Probably not. While these systems have proven to be safe, using them to store sensitive information like bank account logins, personal identification information or company records is not recommended. Here is a quick guide to all [...]

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