Introducing YipTel: ICC’s New VoIP Service

ICC is excited to present its latest and greatest addition to the business world: YipTel, our new VoIP service. YipTel offers the complete range of phone services, including Cloud service and TeleHealth. Here are 10 things you should know about YipTel to help you decide if it fits your business needs: YipTel Phone Systems features [...]

2017-05-16T10:23:57-06:00April 18th, 2017|IT Services, New Technology|

IoT Devices and the Security Threat

Security breaches used to be limited to only our computers. Now, and in the years to come, Internet of Things (IoT) devices pose a unique sort of security threat. When it comes to cyber crimes, anything that is connected to the Internet is capable of being hacked, such as appliances (fridges, washer/dryer), smart lightbulbs, security [...]

2017-01-31T12:31:58-06:00January 9th, 2017|New Technology, Security|

11 Favorite Mobile Business Apps

In today’s world of ever-evolving technology, it is becoming increasingly more crucial to integrate the digital realm into daily business practices. Our goal is to make that as seamless as possible for you and our team has put together a list of our favorite mobile business-related apps that are helpful as professional resources: 1. LastPass [...]

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Office 2016 for Mac: What You Need to Know

With every technological update comes a mile-long list of questions. The recent Office 2016 for Mac craze is no exception. We have all the necessary details about this development to save you time and energy in the future. What is Office 2016 for Mac? Office 2016 for Mac includes programs that Windows users have enjoyed [...]

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