Why You Should Consider Cyber Insurance for Your Small Business

When it comes to business insurance, most managers think about health insurance, liability insurance, property insurance, but many small businesses don’t think about cyber insurance. If they do, they may not believe their company is big enough to be at risk of a cyber-attack and waive the coverage. The reality is – small companies are [...]

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Don’t Let Team Members Go ‘Phishing’

Did you know that 92.4% of all malware is delivered via email? Cyber criminals have become incredibly good at “phishing.” Phishing is the act of sending emails disguised to be from familiar companies or people you may know with the goal to get recipients to reveal personal or financial information. Phishing emails are incredibly deceiving. [...]

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What is the Dark Web and Why it Should Concern You

There’s a place on the Internet called the dark web, but there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of it. The dark web is a collection of websites on the Internet that is not visible to search engines or the general user. It can only be accessed using special software. Even if you never plan to visit the dark web, you need to be aware of its existence. The dark web is where cybercriminals go to buy and [...]

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