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IoT Devices and the Security Threat

Security breaches used to be limited to only our computers. Now, and in the years to come, Internet of Things (IoT) devices pose a unique sort of security threat. When it comes to cyber crimes, anything that is connected to the Internet is capable of being hacked, such as appliances (fridges, washer/dryer), smart lightbulbs, security [...]

2017-01-31T12:31:58-06:00January 9th, 2017|New Technology, Security|

2017 Google Chrome Security Updates and the Importance of SSL

Google Chrome has unveiled plans for 2017 that will make an attempt to make the Internet a safer place. Starting in late January 2017, Google Chrome’s new security update will flag insecure websites in a more pronounced manner so users are well aware whether they are using a risky site. Here are a few things [...]

2017-01-31T12:31:58-06:00January 4th, 2017|IT News|

The Challenge of HIPAA Security in 2017

HIPAA Security Changes While it is crucial that every industry takes the right measures to protect against cyberattacks, this is especially true for the healthcare industry. HIPAA guidelines are becoming increasingly more difficult to adhere to due to the breaches in security hospitals often face. In addition, funding for HIPAA audits is increasing by 50 [...]

2016-12-08T12:05:51-06:00December 7th, 2016|Security|

6 Tips: Training Employees on Best Security Practices

A company’s cybersecurity is only as effective as its employee’s habits. The key to enforcing strategic security initiatives and strengthening your business’s overall digital safety is to train employees on best security practices. Here are a few tips to get started: Make Cybersecurity a Priority Don’t let cybersecurity get placed on the back burner. Let [...]

2016-11-04T10:30:48-06:00November 4th, 2016|Education|

How to Avoid a Ransomware Attack

In the new age of digital attacks, cybercriminals never rest. It is important to stay apprised of all forms of malicious activity so you can combat it before it even happens. Today we are going to focus on an especially harmful malware: ransomware. Ransomware is exactly as it sounds: a cybercriminal kidnaps a system by [...]

2016-10-07T22:12:37-06:00September 29th, 2016|Security|

Get to Know Our Team: Jim Otepka

We typically focus our blog on Internet security and IT support tricks, but this time we are switching things up. ICC is made up of hardworking, intelligent individuals, and we’d like to introduce you to a valuable member of the team: Jim Otepka. Jim and daughter Mary (3 mo.) Jim has been with [...]

2017-01-31T12:31:58-06:00September 12th, 2016|Fun News, ICC Team Members|

Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Hire a Professional IT Firm

The digital age has made it impossible to navigate the career realm without employing the most current technology practices. In order to stay successful as a business, it is imperative to stay one step ahead of the digital sphere. The easiest way to do that is to hire a professional IT firm to handle such [...]

2017-01-31T12:31:58-06:00September 6th, 2016|IT Services|

Steps to Become HIPAA Compliant

If you work for a healthcare organization or are in a position where you handle private medical records, it is absolutely crucial to become HIPAA compliant. HIPAA, which stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is a mandate of security and privacy guidelines that all professionals must follow when working with sensitive health files. [...]

2017-01-31T12:31:58-06:00August 16th, 2016|IT News, IT Services|

Updating and Upgrading Software: What’s the Big Deal?

Every so often, a screen will pop up on your computer or laptop asking if you would like to update software (ex: Symantec/antivirus updates) or complete upgrades on your operating systems. While it may be tempting to just click the “x” in the upper-right hand corner, take a second to pay attention to these notifications. [...]

2016-10-07T22:23:27-06:00August 4th, 2016|IT News, IT Services|